Musical Language and Solfeggio classes

Online private lessons

Not only because of the advancement of technology, but also for the sake of flexibility, convenience and availability, we offer online private lessons in musical language and solfège. Wherever you are, we will be able to hold classes to continue to evolve.

Private lessons of musical language

Assimilate the rhythm

For example, instrumental, vocal or percussive performance of rhythmic structures of a work or fragment.

Learning to intonate

Through activities such as singing a tonal melody or song with or without accompaniment.

Reading and writing music

With practical and enjoyable exercises, such as reproducing in written form excerpts of music heard.

Ear training

Playing simple melodic patterns, scales or chords from different pitches and other exercises that stimulate the ear.

Learning to improvise

One of the tricks is to improvise rhythmic structures on a heard fragment, but in the classes, I also throw other tricks away.

Improving musical expression

Improvising individually or collectively small musical forms based on different aspects of musical language.

Solfeggio lessons

The solfège classes are dynamic and enjoyable, ideal for easy learning.

I help you with the necessary topics to be able to understand, analyse and create what you want within music.

This is an essential tool for an effective evolution as a musician, since reading music and knowing how to interpret a score is very important.

This system brings us closer to an infinite number of possibilities and helps us to express ourselves through musical writing.